The next great thing

what’s any nation, any people, any culture, any idea without promulgation. Here at jawdropworthy we give anyone…..yes anyone…the chance to send us a story/idea/invention that they wish the world would know about.

Why do this?

  • get your idea in front millions of viewers
  • get support for a venture, or;
  • just share something unique with the world today 🙂

Most people think their reasoning side of the brain makes the best decisions….ha…its in those instinctive movements, those random thoughts, a fleeting glance that often decide the future to come.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • What makes what I have or want to do different from what’s already being done;
  • Is it already being done?;
  • How can improve what is already existing?;
  • How is this going to benefit people or add value to their lives?

Now don’t overthink it now….let it come naturally

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