1/2 BILLION pharmaceutical abatement plan

Purdue Pharma LP, Cephalon INC, Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc are among the company names listed in a case brought by the State of Okhlahoma.

  • State claims public nuisance by entities in relation to rising sales and statistics in opioid drug us
  • Defendants ordered to implement an nuisance abatement plan for one year at an estimated cost of over 1/2 billion dollars.
  • The companies did not issue any counter-claims but sought to argue that the State failed to meet its burden of proof.

On August 26, 2019, an Okhlahoma Judge issued judgment in a matter subsequent to a jury trial that lasted over 33 days.

The State of Okhlahoma brought a case against several pharmaceutical entites accusing them of being the significant contributors and therefore the ones who have created a “public nuisance” in the form of rising opioid drug use.

In summary, the State provided direct witness testimony and statistics to show the growing scourge of opioid use. The State directly accused the entities of utilizing false marketing and advertising techniques to promote the sale and use of opioids.

The Judge found that the Defendants have in fact committed these acts and that the said acts have caused harm to the populace of Okhlahoma

Jawdropworthy news attempted to contact several of these entites for questions on whether they thought the judgment was fair but all have thus far declined to comment.

story by: Jason Scott Makidevis

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