Storming Area 51

By Jack Hackett Davis
Area 51 raid is on!!!!!!

  • what started as possibly a simple facebook ploy or attempt to gain followers and build a hype has turned into a reality
  • Today (20th September, 2019) and previous days has seen this become a reality with tens of thousands settling on the outskirts of the Nevada area with tents, vehicles, costumes etc.
  • The real question remains….what is the likely outcome if any at all or can this become a new yearly festival trend?

Area 51 is a ‘secret’ military base located in Nevada. Certain files surrounding its operations were declassified following the CIA’s acknowledgment of the base’s existence in 2013. The site has been stated to be primarily used for aircraft and weaponry testing.

The site is still largely compartmentalised and kept confidential which has led to many conspiracy theories surrounding its operations. These include the existence of ‘aliens’, storage of UFO’s etc.

A naruto run originates from the popular anime ‘Naruto’, the lead character runs leaning forward and both hands behind being kept steady.

Many have gathered to storm the area in run/raid naruto style.

Send us your pictures!!!

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