Weekly Travel Destination 14/09/2019 If only my wife stared at me as much as she stared at Finland’s Architecture!!

story by Mark Dixon

Helsinksi is an architectural dream!

The capital of Finland boasts some of the most beautiful and jaw dropping architecture in the world.

Unlike me (who according to my wife I have no sense of style), the city’s elegant nature blends neatly with its contemporary style and architecture to create a soothing view that will be sure to have you wondering how they did it and how its kept so good…much like my marriage

Be sure to visit the Hotel St. George, once the center of the city’s printing industry. The property features more than 400 pieces of art, culminating in an installation by Ai Weiwei. Oodi, Helsinki’s new central library, is a sweeping cloudlike structure that includes not only sun-infused reading rooms but a cinema, recording studios, and crafting rooms. The latest addition to the gallery scene is Amos Rex, an underground museum of contemporary art, with domed exhibition spaces that bulge upwards into an urban plaza.

So whether you are taking a canal tour or eating at the Karl Fazer Cafe, Helsinski is the place to visit. Take a look at some pictures and you decide.

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